Spotlight on: Charlotte Tilbury

Here on my blog, I want to talk to you about all of the things I love. But as a consumer, I also want to hear about the things people don't love so much, so in a new series called 'Spotlight on', I'll be talking about the products I love as well as those I didn't get on so well with. Each post will focus on a particular brand or category and for the first post in the series, I'm going to talk about Charlotte Tilbury.


Recipe: Piedmontese Peppers

I first discovered this recipe one lazy Saturday morning, watching Simon Hopkinson's latest programme on the BBC. The recipe was simple and the end result looked so delicious that I quickly rewound the segment, grabbed a notebook and scribbled down the method. I think I made those peppers the same night and served them with… Continue reading Recipe: Piedmontese Peppers


Review: Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask

Let me be honest about something. I'm a sucker for good marketing. I'll be happily scrolling through my Instagram feed as I wind down before bed, then BOOM. There it is. An ad pulling me in with it's pretty picture and snappy caption. I can't resist having a little nose and before I know it, I'm researching why I shouldn't buy this life changing product I've never heard of before.