The miracle cream you need to buy today

Every once in a while, a miracle product comes along that makes you wonder why you haven’t heard of it before. This happened to me recently with Cicaplast Baume by La Roche-Posay.

I’d heard of the brand before and had used one of their products, but if I’m honest, the brand confused me a little with it’s odd product names and busy packaging. You can find it in Boots and some independent pharmacies in the UK, but it’s tucked away in the skincare aisle with the other specialist skincare.

Cicaplast 4

I then came across a La Roche-Posay stand at the 2017 London Marathon Expo and was able to speak to a representative about the brand and my skincare needs. I’m a die-hard Liz Earle fan, so my day to day skincare was taken care of but I was particularly interested in the sun protection range, Anthelios. I was taken behind the stand and was given the chance to have photos taken of my face which detected the level of sun damage to my skin. It was fascinating, and after a brief consultation, I was sent on my way with a bag full of samples from across the range.

One of those samples was a product called Cicaplast Baume B5. It’s described as a soothing, repairing balm which soothes and protects a sensitive complexion as part of a multi-purpose range of barrier creams for the whole family. As my skin isn’t particularly sensitive and doesn’t react to much, I put it at the bottom of my samples drawer and didn’t think about it again until I accidentally burned my leg on a hot radiator. I needed something to soothe the burn before putting on my jeans, so I whipped out a little tube of Cicaplast and hoped for the best. The burn cleared up faster than any burn I’d ever treated with Sudocreme and I’d only used the tiniest amount.

Cicaplast 1

Then, a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist the urge to pick at a blemish on my face and ended up causing a bit of a mess which I instantly regretted (we’ve all been there). As a teenager, I used to try and dry out any spots on my face by adding alcohol based products and clay masks to the area. However, I’m now older and wiser and know that by keeping the skin moist, the wound heals faster. Enter Cicaplast. I repeatedly dabbed the cream onto the skin and let it sink in, and even covered it with a small plaster overnight to prevent the cream rubbing off and the area drying out. Within a few days, the wound had improved dramatically, and I was able to cover the area with make up for work without my foundation clinging to any dry patches.

So of course, I purchased a 40ml travel size tube to keep on hand for the next time I picked at something I shouldn’t (£.6.50 at Boots). Since then, we’ve used it for shaving rash on both my legs and Daniels’ neck, more spots, sunburn, dry elbows and chapped lips. There is nothing this cream can’t fix!

Cicaplast 3

I also read online that it’s a great primer for foundation. I haven’t tried it all over my face as I’m quite oily, but it certainly helps under foundation when I have spots that need covering.

It’s definitely a miracle product that I’ll be keeping in the cupboard at all times.


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